NEJE 3 Max Laser Engraver / Cutter A40640 DUAL LASER BEAMS MODULE – 460 X 810 MM



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NEJE 3 Max Laser Engraver / Cutter A40640 DUAL LASER BEAMS MODULE – 460 X 810 MM

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What NEJE 3 Max has improved:

  • You can safely and stably upgrade to the latest GRBL firmware through NEJE software, When using the device for the first time, please open the NEJE software to update to the latest firmware.
  • NEJE optimizes the low-light experience in GRBL mode for diode lasers, and the low-light settings can be adjusted through the laserGRBL software.
  • NEJE is compatible with M8, M7, Door functions, and automatically adapts to lightburn, laserGRBL and NEJE software for better automation of processes.
  • The motor is automatically locked when power is turned on, and secondary processing can be performed when repeating the engraving work, so that the position information will not be lost.
  • NEJE win software adds area customization settings, NEJE provides the function of expanding the orbits, both the Y-axis area and the X-axis area can be freely expanded, and the laser module also automatically engraves silently.
  • NEJE 3 comes standard with a high-pressure air assist kit.
  • NEJE 3 adopts all-metal frame + PC CNC structural parts, which improves the stability of the structure and enhances the smoothness of movement. It also adopts easy maintenance driving structure.
  • NEJE 3 Max comes standard with M8 air valve kit for controlling air assist, M7 relay switch kit for controlling smoke exhaust system, and Door switch for emergency stop.
  • NEJE 3 Max is equipped with a towline as standard to organize air pipes and wires for easy installation into a closed box.
  • NEJE has greatly enhanced the anti-static and surge design under the new control system. NEJE has passed the very severe test in the experiment, which has greatly improved the reliability of the NEJE control system. The new system does not require additional grounding to protect equipment.
  • The new laser uses a high temperature resistant window to protect the lens, which effectively improves the service life of the lens.


  • At the same time, it supports NEJE software, NEJE APP, LaserGRBL, Lightburn;
  • Compared with NEJE 2s MAX, the operating experience is greatly optimized, the low-light display of laserGRBL and lightburn in GRBL mode is increased, and the low-light intensity can be adjusted through laserGRBL;
  • The machine is powered on Afterwards, the motor will be automatically locked, so that the work can be operated twice after operation without repositioning; the interactive experience has been optimized, and the interactive communication with laserGRBL and lightburn software has been optimized;
  • BLE-based wireless control, supports NEJE APP wireless control;
  • Support NEJE 2S Max replacement of the mainboard. The device only adjusts the position of the YL and YR motor sockets;
  • More abundant functions are: added M8, M7, Door functions, and all are compatible with NEJE software, laserGRBL, Lightburn, M8 generally achieve air-assisted Automatic control, so as to realize the dynamic control of each process of the work; M7 function is generally used to realize smoke control; Door function can only be stopped due to the problem of the message mechanism of the lightburn software, but can be suspended in NEJE mode or LaserGRBL mode , after canceling the door, you can continue to work without losing the work; NEJE provides M8, M7, Door function expansion accessories, including air valve switch and relay switch, you can use these accessories to realize the air compressor air circuit, smoke exhaust fan circuit , automatic control of the oxygen machine circuit;
  • The new NEJE V6.1.2 software supports area expansion, you can simply modify the length of the track to achieve area expansion, NEJE also provides the option of extended track;
  • Built-in sensor protection, currently in NEJE mode, when the machine angle changes, the device will automatically stop working;
  • The top 32-bit processor has replaced the previous two The chip processing solution is more reliable, support OTA upgrade in NEJE mode, NEJE continuously upgrades software and firmware Provide more surprising and useful interesting features;


Module: A40640, When focusing to 55mm position (lens-to-focus distance), you can get a 0.18×0.18mm focal point and be able to cut material up to 18-20mm (requires accurate focus, 0.6-1.5mpa air assist to align the cut).

The closer the focal point, the thinner the cutting thickness. At present, the FAC technology adopted by NEJE is already the smallest focus solution on the market, and those so-called 0.08mm and 0.1mm need to be falsely marked!


When the focus is adjusted to about 33mm from the light outlet with a flat-blade screwdriver, you can get a focus of 0.13*0.13mm, which is suitable for engraving and fast cutting of materials smaller than 10mm.



Stable and long-lasting output
Reliable and responsive
The only company that dares to warranty 2 years!



In order to ensure that the product is absolutely reliable after each user receives the product, NEJE has done a complete machine test for each device, you only need to simply install 6 screws to complete the initial assembly.


It is recommended to install the X-axis drag chain support frame first, and then install the X sliding assembly;


The M7 relay module is generally used for the control of the smoke exhaust system. Some users also use it to control the oxygenator, which is not very safe! M8 air valve is generally used to control the air circuit of the user. You need to cut the air pipe according to the actual situation, and connect the other end to the air compressor or other air source; Y-R motor don’t forget to connect.


M7 relay expansion accessories, can be used to control AC or DC power supply smoke exhaust system, can also be used to control other circuits, used as M8, there are safety risks when operating high-voltage circuits, requiring professional operation; M8 valve expansion accessories, can be used To control the air compressor switch;

A40640 M8M7

It is recommended that the 4 feet be fixed on the wooden table top with corner codes, if you are interested, you can download the CAD file
to make a simple protective box.


Push the left and right sides to the end position to ensure parallelism; connect the power supply, the motor will automatically lock the motor after power on;



Frame Size (L – W -H): 590x980x160mm
Working Size ( X – Y): 460 x 810mm, area extended design
Dot Pitch: 0.075mm
Pixel: 6133 x 10800 px
Frame Material: All-aluminum alloy and PC material hybrid frame
Structure Technology: Y-axis fit adjustable design, X-axis stress fit assembly
Structure Feature: Fit, High precision, stablize, smooth, no oil, easy maintenance, long life
Vertical Carving: Yes
Motor Size: 42 x 42 x 40mm
Motor Drive Current: 0.9A
Module Height Adjuster: Yes
Limit Switch: Yes
Home: Rear Left
Origin: Front Left
Max Move Speed: X:1000mm/s(with A40640 module 204g)
Control System
MCU: 32-bit MCU
BLE: Yes
Input: 12V 5A
Compatible Modules: All NEJE 12V 4pin Laser Moudle
ON/OFF Switch Yes
Software Service
OTA Upgrade: Update NEJE firmware, GRBL firmware, update latest software via NEJE Win software.
Lightburn: Yes, Added low light function, added M8, M7, emergency stop extended automatic control, optimized GRBL interaction.
LaserGRBL: Yes, Added low-light display and can be adjusted, added M8, M7, Door function automatic adaptation.
NEJE Win Software: Yes, It is recommended to open the NEJE software to update to the latest firmware for the first time use.
Off-Line Working: Yes, In NEJE Win software and NEJE APP mode, when the image is transferred to the device, it can work independently from the computer or mobile phone.
Repeat Engraving: Yes, After the engraving or cutting is completed, the device will not lose the location information, if you are not satisfied with the work, you can continue to work.
NEJE Android APP: Yes
NEJE iphone/iPad APP: Currently not supported, under development
NEJE Cloud Gallery Service: Yes
Software Download: Https://
NEJE A40640 Laser Module
Radiator Size: 40 x 50 x 60 mm
Weight: 204g
Speed of the Fan: 10600RPM(Double ball bearing)
Interface: PH2.0 4Pin
Drive Design: Built-in
Input: 12V 4A +
Optical Power: 10W +
Wavelength: 450nm
Laser Class: Class 4
Number of Diodes: 2
Light Source: 2 X LD + FAC Tech + C-Lens
Focus Spot  o.13×0.13mm – 0.18xo.18mm,

focus on 33mm: 0.13 x 0.13 mm,

focus on 55mm: 0.18 x 0.18mm

PWM Input: VPP(3.3-12V), Recomend 1KHz,
Quiet Design: Drive the built-in control ic, judge the working state and adjust the fan work.
Max Cutting & Carving Depth: 18mm (The data is tested by NEJE users, and it needs to be done under more accurate focusing and adding correct and certain strength of air assist.)
Brushed Stainless Steel: Yes
Mirror Stainless Steel: Yes
Warranty Statement
Laser Module Warranty: 2 Years
Control system warranty: 2 Years
Hardware warranty: 1 Year
Statement: The conditions of NEJE’s free after-sale policy must be met under the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use in the correct environment. If the wrong voltage is input, or the lens is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it is not within the scope of free after-sale; for maintenance instructions, please refer to NEJE.WIKI

Packing list:

  • NEJE 3 Max Machine(All functions of the whole machine are tested, and only 6 screws are needed to complete the assembly) x 1
  • A40640 Laser Module with air Assist Kits x 1
  • 12V 5A standard certified power adapter x 1
  • USB Cable + Manual + Quality Card x 1
  • Goggles x 1
  • L-shaped Crawler Aluminum Profile x 1
  • Crawler x 2
  • 12V Valve Control Kit (less than 1.5mpa) x 1
  • 12V Relay Expansion Control Kit (Extra AD or DC power Max 2500W) x 1
  • Door Control Kit x 1
  • (The length of the control line is 1 meter.)
  • Screw Nut Wrench Screwdriver Belt Installation Package x 1
  • Test Material Package x 1

Neje WIKI Product Support


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