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Simple establishment, It just requirements to introduce 6 screws to finish the gathering.

Advantageous, Support APP remote etching, And 100% adjust to lightburn and LaserGRBL programming.

Enormous territory, 810x460mm working region.

Progressed and insightful NEJE Laser arrangement modules,

THE A40640 40W fiber 2 x Laser diode module with FAC tech is the most remarkable work area laser cutting module, The optical force arrives at 13-15W and the cutting capacity has been settled by a proficient CO2 laser cutting machine.

More Smoother and faster, New 32-cycle processor and 3 engine drives, the speed is half higher than stm32, can withstand heavier X-hub.

Safety Control, Built-in MEMS, move assurance.

Precision and Reliability, Point distance is 0.075mm. The composite sheet structure handled by CNC with high exactness has preferable precision and unwavering quality over laser-cut acrylic and stepped steel plates.

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